This article is about the user named BF_Power_Wheels. For the truck, see Bigfoot Power Wheels.

A track by BF_Power_Wheels, Madson Heights
Origin United States
Joined 2008
Signature truck The Outsiders
Track maker Yes
Truck maker No
Playing style Racing, Rumbling, RNR (blocker)
Team None

BF_Power_Wheels or Bigfoot_Power_Wheels, often abbreviated as "PW," is a Monster Truck Madness 2 racer/rumbler and track designer. He is an American high school senior and currently resides in New York state. His main truck is The Outsiders.

History Edit

BF_Power_Wheels grew up with the original Monster Truck Madness game and began racing online in the summer of 2008.

He has created two tracks, one track and one rumble, which was run in a spur tournement. He has one rumble and one rally currently in production, and admits thats he does much of his track planning and sketching during class.

He is also an RNR blocker, though he has no usual partner. In rumbles he has been known to team up with THESNAKE.

Distinctions Edit

BF_Power_Wheels was the points champion in Shadow Princess' rumbles during his first full month of rumbling.

PW had the unenviable distinction of losing a 1v1 rumble to MOD_BC on the final second.

He is among the youngest of the regular tournament-goers at 17. He is also one of the only Monster Truck Madness 2 users who runs the game on a Macintosh computer (he uses Boot Camp to accomplish this).

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