Bearfoot truck has appeared in both MTM and MTM2.

Truck facts:

Owner: Paul Shafer Motorsports

Drivers: Todd Frolik

Style: Dodge Ram Pickup

Engine: Keith Black Hemi

Hometown: Rice Lake, Wisconsin


Fred Shafer was Bearfoot's original owner.  He owned the truck until September 1997.  Shafer took part in pro-stock drag racing, and later became one of the first monster truck drivers. When Shafer began driving his monster truck, he was often seen with his two pet black bears, Sugar and Spice, in the truck bed.  Upon seeing the two bears, fans nicknamed the truck "Bearfoot"; the name stuck. Shafer drove Chevrolet for twelve years; in 1991, he switched to a Dodge.  Shafer won the world championships three times.  He holds numerous elapsed time records, the indoor jumping distance record, and he held the long distance jump record for [anyone know how long?].  Fred Shafer sold Bearfoot and the rights to its name to Paul Shafer (no relation) of Monster Patrol Inc.  Paul Shafer also took a two-year lease on the shop and garage where Fred housed Bearfoot.

The original Bearfoot truck was one of the first trucks to use the now-standard size 66-inch Goodyear Terra tires. Bear Foot was also the first monster truck to roll over.  Fred Shafer allowed friend Paula Harbud to drive Bearfoot; this was the first time  he had allowed somone else to drive "the beast".  As Harbud drove over some cars, too much throttle sent the truck up into a wheelie.  Shafer had installed a pair of wheelie bar on the back of the truck to prevent a rollover;  however, when the truck's weight transferred to the wheelie bars, one of the bars broke.  Bearfoot was unable to recover and toppled backwards, landing on its roof.

Shafer has owned five Bearfoot trucks, one of which is an active display truck. Bearfoot's exploits include an appearance on the "Knight Rider" TV series with David Hasselhoff; a cameo In in ZZ Tops "Sleeping Bag" music video; and the cover of a popular children's coloring book. The Bearfoot truck's other achievements include being the USHRA (United States Hot Rod Association) Monster Truck Racing Championship three times.  In 1990, 1992, and 1993, Shafer was the oldest monster truck racer still in competition.

Recently, Dodge decided not to renew its sponsorship of the truck.  This is unfortunate; sponsors play an important role in the financial running of any monster truck racing team. At the 1997 Truck Fest, Shafer took a win on the second day of the event. Paul Shafer, who also owns Monster Patrol, intends to keep Bearfoot in top competitive condition to win in honor of its original driver and owner.

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