Carolina Crusher has appeared in both MTM and MTM2.

Truck facts:

MAKE:  1995 Chevy    

OWNER: Paul Shafer

DRIVER: Gary Porter 

TOWN/CITY: Wadesboro, North Carolina

ENGINE SIZE: 557 cubic inch Rodeck engine


Gary has always been facinated by monster trucks. After the first time he saw them in action he decided that he wanted to build himself one. That came to life in 1985 when he built his first Carolina Crusher. Gary likes to keep his truck on the cutting edge of tecnology. In 1990  Gary was a hot contender in the TNT Supernationals. He came in third. In 1991 he won the Penda Points Series Championship. Gary prefers to race at outdoor events, as in indoor arena's as there is no room for mistakes. Also there's no room to catch up with the other truck, if your behind.
Gary has sold some of his older trucks, to a couple of English promoters. They now have new names. One is called the Bandit, & tours across the United Kingdom. The other is called the Castrol Crusher & id currently in the Middle East.
Gary also sold one of his trucks to Tim Teasmer, who also owns the Hercules truck. Tim races the truck under the Carolina Crusher name
In 1999 Gary sold his truck to Paul Shafer, owner of Monster Patrol, Bearfoot & a number of other monster trucks . In 2001, he left Shafer Motorsports to drive former rival Dennis Anderson's Grave Digger.

Paul Shafer has also changed one of the old Bearfoot trucks into a Dodge Carolina Crusher truck.

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