Gold View is a 32 bits freeware RAW (version 1 & 2) PAL, 4x4EVO OPA files and ACT palette viewer, written by Phineus Gage on Visual Basic 6.

Gold View is not intended as a replacement for TXRaw. TXRaw will preserve color depth whereas Gold View will increase the image color to match your screen settings.


Double click Gold View, and you will be given file association options. You may choose to associate some or all of the file types with Gold View. If you decide later you don't want Gold View to handle either of the types, just click the program and uncheck them again. It's that easy.

Open a raw/act/pal file with Gold View. (double click if associations are set, right click if not - you can also highlight a file and press enter).

Click the image (or press enter) and it will be copied to the windows clipboard where you can paste it into any paint program.

If you are viewing an act/pal file, press the 4 key or zero key (at the top of the keyboard) or CTRL+S and Gold View will convert and save it to its opposite. That is, act files will be saved as pal, and pal files will be saved as act.

All images are displayed at their actual size.

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