Monster Truck Racing Association (MTMRA) is the official international monster truck association. MTRA emphasizes training, licensing, safety, and emergency preparedness to ensure the safety of both participants and spectators at all MTRA-sponsored events.

History Edit

A letter was drafted by Bob Chandler and George Carpenter inviting monster truck owner/drivers to a get together in St Louis in September 1987 that was to take place in conjunction with a local show. Eleven drivers attended the meeting at the BIGFOOT shop where initial discussions took place. An interim board was selected that included George Carpenter, Danny Tassone (Star Monster) and Denise Robinson (formerly of Clydesdale). Three months later (12/07/87), the first official MTRA meeting was held. 49 owner/drivers attended and an official board was voted on.

First board members of the MTRAEdit

  • Bob Chandler (BIGFOOT) - President
  • George Carpenter - Assistant President/Safety Director
  • Bill Weaver (Rambo) - Director
  • Fred Shafer (Bear Foot) - Director
  • Jon Breen (Stomper Bully) - Director
  • Donna Purcell - Secretary/Treasurer

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